30 Day Paleo Challenge (Update 1)

30 Day Paleo Challenge (Start): Last week I made the jump into the real world and I have been busy getting caught up to speed at my new position so I forgot to post about my 30 Day Paleo Challenge progress. Today was my first weigh-in after I started The Paleo Diet on July 1st and I have dropped 4.5lbs.  I'm a little off of my pace, but part of the reason could be the two and a half cheat days I had last week because of the holiday. This definitely set me back a lot, but I'm making up for it this week.
Here is what my meal plan/workout has looked like so far:

-One whole egg, one egg white -Two sausages -Banana -Orange juice -Coffee 

Egg Alternate: One whole egg, two egg whites. No sausage


-Salad (Romaine lettuce with spinach leaves, red peppers, light dressing)

-with or without grilled chicken or steak -Lettuce wrap with grilled chicken or steak



-Fruit (apple, peach, pear, grapes)


-Chicken -Salmon -Steak -Ground beef -Vegetables

Cheat Day (Two and a half since the 1st):

-Cheese -Milk -Beer -Liquor -Bread -Milk Shake


Monday to Saturday

-Five days a week

Five mile run, 20 pullups, 50 pushups

-Three days a week

Ab workout

-Once a week- Sprints (level or elevated). Kettlebell workout. Plyometrics 

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